About Marketzines

Contrary to popular belief, we know that social media marketing is difficult and expensive for small business owners.

In fact, the internet can provide a huge opportunity for Business Owners to thrive, yet you will be leapfrogged if you ignore it.

Here is how we can help business owners.


Don’t let the idea of being niche discourages you. Niche titles are capable of generating big profits with the proper incubation and expansion process

If you have a current business, there is no better way to take your business to a new level, by simply leveraging on your domain knowledge and contacts.

We are incubating several niche titles (some may call us digital publishing). Team up with us, whether it is to create more titles, or work with us on our existing titles. Improve your current business dramatically via digital techniques for marketing and backroom automation.

Using our proprietary Marketzines Platform & Methodology, you continue to focus on your core business, while we handle your Digital Transformation.


MARKETZINES is helping business owners WIN in the Digital Economy.

It is common knowledge to Business Owners that Inorganic Growth is expensive and difficult to execute. Not only will you require higher upfront investment but you will need a dedicated team to deliver sufficient inertia to make it works. MARKETZINES will be filling this gap.

We are not just an IT or Online Service Provider where we charge you for our services. We DO NOT Charge, we work on a revenue share model. We are able to adopt this approach because we have a robust Product and proven Methodologies that can be replicated across many businesses- we call this the MARKETZINES STRATEGY.

If you don’t want to miss the internet wave, Contact kim@marketzines.com .



  • Run numerous customised eMarketplace under one system
  • Localised REVENUE models


  • It means low operating IT cost for owners
  • Leaving community owners to focus on the users and value creation and adapt revenue model to local markets


Everyone knows, speed is everything in today's business. Contact us if you are interested in our services.